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Staff Guide to Biography in Context:  

Staff Guide

Use Biography in Context when you want to be certain of information quality.

Get answers to questions like these:

  1. What is the name of Oprah Winfrey’s mother?
  2. What is the current name of the organization started by Migrant Worker Rights Activist Hugo Chavez?
  3. In what year did Ulysses S. Grant graduate from the U. S. Military Academy?   


You Will Need

  1. A valid Arlington Public Library Card and PIN. Be sure your Library card has not expired and has no excessive fines and fees
  2. Option! Google users can utilize the“Save to Google Drive” option
  3. Access to the Internet - on a computer or mobile device


About this database

What's available?

Depending on your search you will find:

Topic overviews, event overviews, biographies to provide background information on relevant topics.

Primary Sources: Excerpts from transcripts of interviews, legislative acts, resolutions, speeches, testimonials, treaties and more.

Images, Audio, and Video: Streamed video content, 70,000+ images, and audio files from reputable research sources.

Case Overviews:  Court Case overviews highlighting specifics of case verdicts and outcomes.

News, Magazines, and Academic Journals:  Articles from over 450 full-text English-language international sources. Limit to peer-reviewed journals if needed.

Search Tips

With "Person Search" you can search by name, gender, occupation, birthplace and nationality. See if you can find a famous "Animal psychologist"  or look for someone from your home area.