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Arlington Remembers: In the Library


Image of Pentagon with candle within
September 11, 2001

A collection of resources to help us remember that day. 

From the Director

"Where were you on Sept. 11, 2001?
As the 10th anniversary of this epochal moment approaches, I find myself reflecting back on the day and its aftermath. My memory plays like a movie. It was a day just like any other canopied by an improbably blue sky..."  Read more 
Arlington Public Library Remembers: The Director's Blog, Sept. 06, 2011

Children Respond to the Arlington County Fire Department.

Children's handmade card

In the wake of September 11th, children all over the United States sent cards and letters to the Arlington Fire Department. Sarah, from the Will Carleton Academy, Hillsdale, Michigan, sent this card. View all.

These and other materials are archived in the Library's Center for Local History. Visit the Library to view items from RG 133, which is divided into three subgroups: Photographs, Correspondence, and County Remembrance and Response.

Oral History Project

Arlington County Firefighters at Pentagon on 9/11 - FEMA photo

As part of Arlington Public Library's commemoration of the fifth anniversary of 9/11, we conducted a series of interviews with first responders and others, to share their stories and memories of that time. See Preserving Sept. 11 Memories.

Read the complete transcripts of these interviews.

Listen to brief excerpts:

The complete interviews are available for listening in the Library's Center for Local History.