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About Flipster Digital Magazines


What is Flipster Digital Magazines?

It is a platform that you can use to read Digital Magazines that the library has purchased.

Do I need an app to read the Digital Magazines from Flipster?

You have two options for reading Flipster Digital Magazines content.  You can use a web browser on a computer, tablet or phone OR download the Flipster app.

How do I use Flipster Digital Magazines?

If you are using a browser, click on the cover of a Digital Magazine. Use the navigation tools on the right side of the screen to move around the issue. For more information, check out this video tutorial.

How many Digital Magazines can I checkout via Flipster?

There is no limit to the number of titles you can borrow. However certain Digital Magazines may have limits on the number of simultaneous users allowed.

How long can I download a Flipster Digital Magazine issue for?

Download times vary from 2 to 7 days. However, if an issue of an eMagazine expires it can be checked out again.

How does search work?

Search is available within the issue and across older issues for that title. Once you have selected that title, click in the search box and use the pull down to change the selection from this issue to all issues.

Can I print from a Flipster Digital Magazine?

Printing is available from a computer browser but not from the app. The amount of printing allowed is determined by the publisher. It can vary from not at all to the whole issue. The Print button is located towards the bottom of the right-hand menu.

Do I need to create an account for Flipster Digital Magazines ?

While it is not necessary to create a Flipster account, doing so will allow you personalize your experience within Flipster Digital Magazines.  Having an account gives you the ability to save preferences, save and retrieve search history and create email alerts and RSS.

Will issues of Flipster Digital Magazines be findable in the library’s Full Text Finder (via the Research Portal)?

Flipster Digital Magazines are not currently available via this service. However, a request to add them has been sent to EBSCO.

Want more information?

The vendor has a Getting Started Guide, FAQ Document, and video tutorials for Android Devices and iPad/iPhones.