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Staff Guide to Morningstar:  

Staff Guide

The Morningstar Investment Research Center helps investors at all levels find in-depth research to help make informed investment decisions. Get a clear overview of index returns, sector returns, and fund category returns, along with the most active stocks throughout the day. Up-to-date analyst reports on companies and funds includes Morningstar proprietary data such as fair value estimate and analyst rating.

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About this database

What Will I Find?

Stock Favorites | Stock Analyst Reports | International Stocks

Scan performance of  mutual funds, including the Morningstar star rating | Fund Favorites | Fund Analyst Reports | Most Similar Funds | Fund Compare | International Funds | Funds Summary

Up-to-date information on Exchange-traded funds returns, reports and Morningstar ratings | ETFs by Trading Volume | ETF Analyst Reports | ETF Valuation Quickrank

​Screening Tools
Stock, Fund, and ETF Screeners help find the best stocks, funds, and ETFs by building screens based on hundreds of financial data points.​
Pre-set Morningstar Screens help identify lists of stocks and funds based on a variety of categories developed by Morningstar analysts.


Use the Portfolio X-Ray to test drive your portfolio. Easy to-use portfolio tools and calculators determine what your asset mix should be, how your investments are working together, and how to adjust for better diversification.


Where's the Print?
The publisher discontinued the print edition of Morningstar reports in 2015. To find the online version: from the home page enter a ticker symbol or fund name in the search box in the upper right corner. Then click the PDF report link at upper right. IMPORTANT NOTE: Use the IE browser to view the the PDF report as one page, or to save it and view with the Adobe PDF viewer.

Looking for the Mutual Funds Summary?
A collection of news and statistics of mutual funds. (Formerly the first pages of the print report.) To find it online, start on the home page and click  Funds > Funds Summary

How do I find a report?
To find a report for a particular company: from the home page of the Morningstar Investment Research Center, and enter a ticker symbol in the search box in the upper right corner. Select Stock Analyst tab. 

Where are the analyst reports found?
To see all analyst reports: from the home page of Morningstar Investment Research Center choose Companies / Stock Analyst Reports. Note: Reports display with most recent at the top. Change the display to sort alphabetically by Company Name if desired.

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