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Staff Guide to NoveList:  

Staff Guide

NoveList is a database that helps match readers to books. More than just reading suggestions, it has a wide range of  unique content created by librarians and book experts


You Will Need

  1. A valid Arlington Public Library Card and PIN. Be
    your Library‚Äč card has not expired and has no excessive fines and fees
  2. Option! Users can create a free NoveList account to save searches and more
  3. Access to the Internet - on a computer or mobile device


About this database

We have the standalone NoveList "Regular" database, but we also have NoveList Select, which  embeds select content into  Pika. In Pika, you will see recommendations for fiction, nonfiction and audiobooks. For an example, see end of page here.

What's Available?

Describe a Plot
A common scenario when a patron comes to the desk and remembers a few details about the plot. (Skip to the end of this page for an example!)

"Recommended Reads"
Find hundreds of hand-crafted reading lists for adults, teens and kids, covering fiction genres and topics. 

Book Discussion Guides
Include questions and answers and suggestions for further reading.

Feature Articles
On a wide variety of genres, topics and reading levels

"Grab and Go Book Lists" 
Just what it sounds like

Content For Staff
Learn about working with patrons to help them find books.  Click on "Especially For" at the top menu bar and choose Readers’ Advisory 

Use the NoveList search strategy handouts to tackle challenging requests and library scenarios. In each Search Strategy we present a common scenario that you face as a librarian, reader, or parent, and offer several ways to use NoveList to find the books you need. View all Search Strategy Tip Sheets

Why does the NoveList database show books not in the Library collection?

NoveList is more than a database of reading recommendations. It is a comprehensive source of information about books (e.g.  articles, and discussion guides by experts) that you won't find anywhere else. It is also a discovery tool. It can help you identify novels on important topics such as bullying or racism. NoveList can help you discover titles in Christian or dystopian fiction or books which defy genres but share certain appeal factors. 

How are the recommendations created?

NoveList takes a multi-faceted approach to creating reading recommendations to ensure that readers will walk away with a book they’ll enjoy...more

Can I save a search?

Yes, you just need a free NoveList user account..Then, save retrieve, reuse, and print any search. If you have a favorite search, and you’d like to be notified whenever a matching title is added to the database, you can save searches as alerts and have NoveList e-mail you with any new results.  Look in Help under "Saving a Search as an Alert"



Remember- we do NOT own every book in NoveList database!!


NoveList Select

NoveList Select adds some of its nifty content into our catalog records. When searching in the Library Catalog, click on "More Info" to see Read-alikes or Titles in Series. It's usually best to choose the Book format in order to find the most NoveList content. This will appear below the "More Like This" cover stream. Depending on the book, you might see:

Search NoveList by keyword to describe a plot! This is great when the patron can't remember the author or title, just the setting. Example: Here is a Catalog search for New York Public Library monster  The same search in NoveList will bring up the title Contest by Matthew Reilly.  (Yes, it brings up lots of other titles, too.)