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Staff Guide to OverDrive:  

Staff Guide

Downloadable eBooks and eAudiobooks. Fiction and Nonfiction bestsellers plus popular Nonfiction subjects. Different from hoopla which has music and eAudiobooks only. Different from EBSCO eBooks which are mainly scholarly or technical titles to read online or download. 
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Who is Libby, and do I need to know her? 
Libby is a new concept from OverDrive. It's an app that may replace the current OverDrive app. Libby does some things very well such as streaming titles without downloading them or managing holds and loans on library cards at other libraries. However, it lacks some options and functionality. So, at least for now, we have decided not to offer a link to Libby on our OverDrive site.

You will see Libby mentioned frequently on the OverDrive Help and other pages. Staff are free to try it out, but please remember that we are not recommending it to patrons at this time. 


You Will Need

  1. A valid Arlington Public Library CardPIN is not required. Be sure your Library card has not expired and has no excessive fines and fees
  2. Adobe Digital Editions free software or Adobe account is required to download eBooks - even on mobile devices
  3. Option! User can create free OverDrive account. More
  4. Access to the Internet - on a computer or mobile devce. But - once a title is downloaded, Internet connection not required


About this database

How Many, How Long?

APL's OverDrive limits and info can now only be seen while signed in to an OverDrive account. Basically we allow 

  • 10 Checkouts
  • 10 Holds
  • Loan period defaults to 21 days

Note: these may differ from the other area libraries with OverDrive.

What's available?
Download popular fiction and nonfiction digital titles for almost any device. Even...computers. 

Do you or patrons have questions? Most can be answered with a quick search at  Be aware that Streaming Video Magazines and Newspapers are not available on our OverDrive site but the Help pages may refer to these formats.


Can I return OverDrive eBooks or eAudio titles early?  That is, before they expire?

Once you download a title, you MAY be able to return it using the software or app that you used to download it. For details, see OverDrive Help. NOTE: You can't return any titles using OverDrive's desktop app for Mac.

Can I renew downloaded titles?

Renewing actually puts you in line to borrow a title again - as soon as your current checkout expires - but only IF the title is actually available. The "Request Again" option only shows up three days before the title is set to expire. This appears under your Loans at our OverDrive site or your installed OverDrive app. For details, see OverDrive Help.

What is automatic checkout and how do I turn it on/off?

This lets you have a hold title automatically borrowed for you when it becomes available. This way, you don't have to worry about getting it checked out in the 3 days after you receive the notice that a hold is available. For details, see OverDrive Help

Can I freeze or suspend a hold on an OverDrive title?

Yes, but you need to Login to your OverDrive account on the OverDrive site to do this. You can choose to suspend it for 7, 14, or 21 days.  For details, see OverDrive Help.

Can I download a book to my eReader from a Library PC?

While you may browse our digital collections and borrow a title, you will not be able to download files to public PCs in the library for transfer to an eReader. If your device allows wireless downloads (e.g. Kindle Fire, smartphones or tablets), you can use the Library's free Wireless to handle the download.


Getting Started

Get the App

appFrom the app store on a device, search for: OverDrive

Patron Help

If their question isn't answered by the OverDrive Help site, then refer patrons to our own webpage: Contact Us. Patrons report directly to OverDrive. It's really best for patrons to submit the report directly, as OverDrive may have more questions for them.

Even if they got a new Library card, but don't know the number of the old one, they report it here. OverDrive can locate it by their email.