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Python: Introduction: Home

Course Description

This course starts from the beginning and introduces students to programming concepts such as numeric operations, data types, conditional statements, loops, user input/output, debugging, and other fundamental concepts of software programming. These lessons will be paired with brief, hands on exercises to give students some hands on experience with writing and executing code.

In this class learn to:

  • Enter and edit script to run a simple program
  • Perform basic numeric operations
  • Understand different data types
  • Store text as a variable to reuse
  • Prompt a user for input
  • Verify user input using comparator operations
  • Change script behavior using logical operators
  • Use loops to run parts of the script multiple times
  • Import and use programming modules

Prerequisites: Basic PC skills and comfort navigating the web. This course is geared towards people with no prior programming experience.

Registration required.

Addtional Resources

Video Recorded October 2020