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Teen Summer Reading 2020

What You Need to Know

We are bringing our summer reading program directly to you! Check back every other week all summer long for fun activities, inspired book lists, and lots more to explore!

Issue Six: You Are Here

Issue 6: You Are Here

On our last week of summer reading, we're going local with fun links and projects.  Learn how to make a time capsule to remember how you spent your time this summer.  Finally, take a glance at our writing prompts and see if they inspire a late summer story! 

Issue Five: Best in Show

Issue Five - Best in Show

This week we are all about celebrating our pets! Our furry (or scaled?) friends have been keeping us company all these months and we're happy to devote this week to pet-friendly fun. Create a castle for your feline friends and find some new ways to entertain your pets when you're hanging out together this summer.

Issue Four: Game Day

Issue 4 - Game Day

We are exploring sports and games this week! Cool off by building a mini ice-hockey rink with our project guide. Get the scoop on some favorite teams and sports (curling, anyone?). And check out a book featuring your favorite sport. Game on!

Issue Three: Spark Your Creativity

Issue 3 - Spark Your Creativity

We’re looking to spark your imagination this week! Grab your palette and brushes as we show you how to mix up homemade paints. Plus, this is the perfect week to imagine yourself standing center stage or dusting off your dancing shoes as you look through our guide for some creative inspiration.

Issue Two: The Hottest Ticket in Town - Virtual Events and Concerts

Issue 2 - The Hottest Ticket in Town

This week we’re grabbing the best seat in our rooms! No standing in line. No tickets needed. Mix up some fancy popcorn to snack on as you enjoy the entertainment. Take on our trivia question and explore our guide for more. 

Issue One: Wish You Were Here - Virtual Vacation Spots

Issue 1 - Wish You Were Here - Virtual Vacation Spots

This week we are all about exploring places unknown from a place we know very well: our home.
Create a postcard, take a virtual beach vacation, and pick the perfect book to take you away!