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About NoveList Plus

Why does the NoveList Plus database show books not in the Library collection?

NoveList Plus is more than a database of reading recommendations. It is a comprehensive source of information about books (e.g. articles, and discussion guides by experts) that you won't find anywhere else. It is also a discovery tool. It can help you identify novels on important topics such as bullying or racism. NoveList can help you discover titles in Christian or dystopian fiction or books which defy genres but share certain appeal factors.

Can I save a search?

Yes, you just need a free NoveList Plus user account. Then, save, retrieve, reuse, and print any search. If you have a favorite search, and you’d like to be notified whenever a matching title is added to the database, you can save searches as alerts and have NoveList e-mail you with any new results. Look in Help under "Saving a Search as an Alert"