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About Alexandria Gazette

Research local news and history in our area's most historic newspaper of record. Search for events, political issues, discoveries, reviews of books and plays, plus business and companies, history of congressional legislation, and more. You’ll find first-hand opinions, editorials, as well as advertisements, articles, and photos. Trace your family history with obituaries or death notices.

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This long-running daily newspaper was printed and published by Samuel Snowden in Alexandria, Virginia, under various names including the Alexandria Daily Gazette Commercial & Political and the Alexandria Gazette & Daily Advertiser. Did you know that Arlington County was once known as Alexandria County, beginning in 1801?

Full text of articles covers July 11, 1808 to December 30, 1876. Some issues published within the date range may be missing. Efforts to locate and add any such missing issues are ongoing. 

Microfilm of this newspaper for Feb. 1784 - Dec. 1811 and Nov. 8, 1924 - Feb. 13, 1936 is available from the Library's Center for Local History

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