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About OverDrive/Libby


How many, how long?

  • You may borrow up to 10 eAudiobook / eBook titles at one time.
  • You may place holds on up to 10 eAudiobook / eBook titles at one time.
  • You may borrow up to 10 Digital Magazines at one time.
  • The default loan period is 21 days, but you may adjust it from your Account settings at our OverDrive website.

Libby App Questions


eBook and eAudioBook Questions


Digital Magazines



Libby App Questions

How is Libby different from OverDrive?

Libby is a new app released by OverDrive. It has the same collection of titles as the OverDrive app - it's just a different way to access the same digital library collection.

Will my holds and checked out titles move from the OverDrive app to the Libby app?

Yes, after you add your Arlington Public Library card to the Libby app.

Will my reading history transfer from the OverDrive app to the Libby app?

Yes, after you add your Arlington Public Library card to the Libby app, you can opt into tracking your reading history. You can also add tags to sort your reading by subject, genre or other categories to make finding your books easier.


eBook and eAudioBook Questions

How can I get started with Overdrive/Libby? 

 All you need to get started is your library card number and a computer, smart phone or table.

Can I return eBooks or eAudiobook titles early, before they expire?

Once you download a title you may be able to return it early using the software or app that you used to download it.

Can I freeze or suspend a hold?

Yes, you can do so from your OverDrive account at our OverDrive site, or from the Libby app, as well as from your Library Account online or in the the Library App. Suspended holds still count toward your holds limit of 10.

Can I read an eBook with my computer browser?

You will need to go to Arlington Library's OverDrive Collection and then go to either the Windows help page or the Mac help page.  

Can I download an eBook to my eReader from a Library PC?

While you may browse our digital collections and borrow a title, you will not be able to download files to public PCs in the Library for transfer to an eReader. If your device allows wireless downloads (e.g. Kindle Fire, smartphones or tablets), you can use the Library's free Wireless to handle the download.

Why doesn't the Library have [desired title] in downloadable form?

The Library purchases popular downloadable books when the publishers license the rights for digital sale to libraries. Not all publishers do this. Not all digital titles are released simultaneously with the book. Publishers might not secure digital rights for previously published works or may not make them available for purchase. For this reason, the Library may not be able to buy all titles in a series.

Can I donate digital books to the Library?

The Library would love to accept digital format donations but due to licensing restrictions, most downloadables are not transferable--unlike hard copy versions. Please consider making a cash donation marked specifically for the purchase of additional downloadables to the "Friends of the Arlington Public Library." More information on donations


Digital Magazines

How do I read Digital Magazines?

Digital Magazines can be checked out and read via the OverDrive website and Libby app. Digtial Magazines do not count towards your 10 eAudio/eBook checkout limit.