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Arlington GameFest 2023

Event Map

Event Listing

  • Convention information
  • Raffle Entry and Winner Information
  • Sign up for D&D Bite Sized Adventures and Game Teaching Tables
  • Games scheduled to be taught every 2 hours (start 11:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m.)
  • Sign up to play at the GameFest Info Table (Main Lobby)
  • Learn to play D&D with quick adventures 
  • Games scheduled every 2 hours (start 11:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m.)
  • Sign up to play at the GameFest Info Table (Main Lobby)
  • Quieter area for anyone with sensory needs

Extra-large, life-sized games every 2 hours:

  • 11:00 a.m.: Connect 4
  • 1:00 p.m.: Rhino Hero & Checkers
  • 3:00 p.m.: Jenga
  • Tables available to play games
  • GameFest Board Game Library located on stage
  • Look for “Players Needed” signs
  • See GameFest Info Table for overflow options
  • Exchange photo ID for game from GameFest Board Game Library
  • Game Designers demo and teach their games
  • Visit area for posted schedule

Learn Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest and be eligible to win a copy of the game. Winner will be drawn and announced in the Open Play Area (Auditorium) at 4:00 p.m.

No sign up required; just attend to learn at the following times:

  • 12:00-12:30 p.m.
  • 1:00-1:30 p.m.
  • 2:00-2:30m.

GameFest Etiquette

Arlington GameFest values and fosters a safe, friendly, and positive environment that welcomes everyone. In addition to the Library Rules, the following event etiquette guidelines must be followed:

  • Respect personal space and avoid physical contact.
  • No uninvited personal questions, comments, or jokes about politics, religion, race, or sexuality.
  • Refrain from criticism or judgement of other players choices.
  • Table host settles any rule disagreements.
  • Limit electronic distractions to be present and engaged.

GameFest Board Game Library

Board Game Players Weight
Animal Upon Animal 4 Children
Battle Sheep 4 Children
Block Ness 4 Children
Bugs in the Kitchen 4 Children
Candy Land 4 Children
Codenames: Disney 8 Children
Color Clash 8 Children
Dinosaur Escape 4 Children
Dog Man: The Hot Dog Card Game 4 Children
Dr. Eureka 4 Children
Dragonwood 4 Children
Enchanted Forest 6 Children
Eye 'N Seek 6 Children
Ghost Fightin' Treasure Hunters 4 Children
Gobblet Gobblers 2 Children
Hamster Clan 4 Children
Happy Bunny 4 Children
Happy Salmon 8 Children
Heads Talk Tails Walk 5 Children
Hisss 5 Children
Hungry Hungry Hippos 4 Children
Jenga 8 Children
Labyrinth 4 Children
Let's Have a Farkel Party 6 Children
Mermaid Tide 4 Children
Mole Rats in Space 4 Children
Monster Match 6 Children
Munchkin 6 Children
My First Carcassonne 4 Children
My First Castle Panic 4 Children
Outfoxed! 4 Children
Pop! the Pig 6 Children
Race to the Treasure! 4 Children
Rhino Hero 5 Children
Roll For It! 4 Children
Spot it! 8 Children
Stone Soup 6 Children
Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza: On The Flip Side 8 Children
Telestrations: 6 Player Family Pack 6 Children
The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game 4 Children
Ticket to Ride First Journey 4 Children
Wits & Wagers Family 10 Children
Yeti in My Spaghetti 99 Children
Zingo 6 Children


Board Game Players Weight
A Fake Artist Goes to New York 10 Party
Camel Up (2nd edition) 8 Party
Codenames 8 Party
Codenames: Pictures 8 Party
Deception: Murder in Hong Kong 12 Party
Decrypto 8 Party
Dixit 8 Party
Herd Mentality 10 Party
Junk Art 6 Party
Just One 7 Party
MonsDRAWsity 6 Party
Night of the Ninja 8 Party
Ready Set Bet 8 Party
Really Loud Librarians 12 Party
Risk 6 Vintage
Scrabble 4 Vintage
Scrabble: Harry Potter 4 Vintage
So Clover! 6 Party
Sorry! 4 Vintage
Spyfall 8 Party
Sushi Go Party! 8 Party
The Mind 4 Party
The Resistance 10 Party
Wavelength 12 Party
Werewords 10 Party


Board Game Players Weight
5-Minute Marvel 5 Light
7 Wonders: Architects 7 Light
Adventure Land 4 Light
Arraial 4 Light
Atheneum: Mystic Library 5 Light
Azul 4 Light
Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra 4 Light
Barenpark 4 Light
Battle Line 2 Light
Between Two Cities 7 Light
Biblios 4 Light
Bites 5 Light
Blue Lagoon 4 Light
Boss Monster 4 Light
Cacao 4 Light
Campy Creatures 5 Light
Canvas 5 Light
Carcassonne 5 Light
Castle Panic 6 Light
Cat Lady 4 Light
Celestia 6 Light
Century: Golem Edition 5 Light
Century: Spice Road 5 Light
Copenhagen 4 Light
Cottage Garden 4 Light
Deep Dive 6 Light
Deep Sea Adventure 6 Light
Dice Miner 4 Light
Dice Throne: Season One 6 Light
Dollars to Donuts 4 Light
Dorfromantik: The Board Game 6 Light
Draftosaurus 5 Light
Evolution: The Beginning 5 Light
Explorers 4 Light
Fire in the Library 6 Light
First Rat 5 Light
Funfair 4 Light
Gunkimono 5 Light
Hanamikoji 2 Light
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle 4 Light
Hellapagos: Big Box 8 Light
Herbaceous 4 Light
Herbaceous Sprouts 4 Light
HerStory 5 Light
High Society 5 Light
Jaws 4 Light
Karuba 4 Light
Kingdomino 4 Light
Lanterns: The Harvest Festival 4 Light
Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game 5 Light
Letter Jam 6 Light
Love Letter 4 Light
Lucky Numbers 4 Light
Machi Koro 2 5 Light
Mandala 2 Light
Manhattan 4 Light
Marvel United 4 Light
My Farm Shop 4 Light
My Shelfie 4 Light
New York Slice 6 Light
New York Zoo 5 Light
Nova Luna 4 Light
On Tour 8 Light
Patchwork 2 Light
Picture Perfect 4 Light
Planet 4 Light
Planted 5 Light
Point City 4 Light
Point Salad 6 Light
Potion Explosion 4 Light
Qwirkle 4 Light
Red Rising 6 Light
Reef 4 Light
Rescuing Robin Hood 5 Light
Robo Rally 6 Light
Run Fight or Die 4 Light
Sagrada 4 Light
Ship Shape 6 Light
Silver & Gold 4 Light
Splendor 4 Light
Spirits of the Wild 2 Light
Star Trek: Five-Year Mission 7 Light
Summer Camp 4 Light
Super Mega Lucky Box 6 Light
Sushi Go!: Spin Some for Dim Sum 6 Light
Sushi Roll 5 Light
Switch & Signal 4 Light
Thanos Rising: Infinity War 4 Light
The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine 5 Light
The Fox in the Forest 2 Light
The Grimm Forest 4 Light
The Grimm Masquerade 5 Light
Ticket to Ride: New York 4 Light
Timeline Challenge 10 Light
Tokaido 5 Light
Trekking the National Parks 5 Light
Trekking Through History 4 Light
Tsuro 8 Light
Twisty Tracks 4 Light
Whale Riders 6 Light
Wildlands 4 Light


Board Game Players Weight
7 Wonders Duel 2 Medium
Above and Below 4 Medium
Arboretum 4 Medium
Architects of the West Kingdom 5 Medium
Atlantis Rising 7 Medium
Azul: Summer Pavilion 4 Medium
Bad Company 6 Medium
Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig 7 Medium
Bunny Kingdom 4 Medium
Calico 4 Medium
Caper 4 Medium
Carpe Diem 4 Medium
Cascadia 4 Medium
Castles of Mad King Ludwig 4 Medium
Century: Eastern Wonders 4 Medium
Chronicles of Crime 4 Medium
Clank! In! Space!: A Deck-Building Adventure 4 Medium
Clank!: A Deck-Building Adventure 4 Medium
Clank!: Catacombs 4 Medium
Colt Express 6 Medium
Cosmic Encounter 6 Medium
Cryptid 5 Medium
Cubitos 4 Medium
Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game 5 Medium
Dice Forge 4 Medium
Dice Hospital 4 Medium
Downforce 6 Medium
Dragon Castle 4 Medium
Era: Medieval Age 4 Medium
Ethnos 6 Medium
Everdell 4 Medium
Ex Libris 4 Medium
Explorers of the North Sea 4 Medium
Fantastic Factories 5 Medium
Fit to Print 6 Medium
Flamecraft 5 Medium
Flamme Rouge 4 Medium
Flash Point: Fire Rescue 6 Medium
Flatline 5 Medium
Fliptown 4 Medium
Gizmos 4 Medium
Godzilla: Tokyo Clash 4 Medium
Heat: Pedal to the Metal 6 Medium
Horrified 5 Medium
Imhotep 4 Medium
Islebound 4 Medium
Istanbul 5 Medium
It's a Wonderful World 5 Medium
Jamaica 6 Medium
King of Monster Island 5 Medium
King of Tokyo: Dark Edition 6 Medium
Kingdom Builder 5 Medium
Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game 6 Medium
Lords of Vegas 6 Medium
Lords of Waterdeep 6 Medium
Magic Maze 8 Medium
Mariposas 5 Medium
Meadow 4 Medium
Megaland 5 Medium
Mice and Mystics 4 Medium
Mission: Red Planet 6 Medium
Modern Art 5 Medium
Naga Raja 2 Medium
Near and Far 4 Medium
Nidavellir 5 Medium
Pandemic 4 Medium
Pandemic: Iberia 5 Medium
PARKS 5 Medium
Photosynthesis 4 Medium
Quadropolis 4 Medium
Ragnarocks 6 Medium
Raiders of the North Sea 4 Medium
Rival Restaurants 6 Medium
Santa Monica 4 Medium
Shadows Over Camelot 7 Medium
Sheriff of Nottingham 6 Medium
Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: Jack the Ripper & West End Adventures 8 Medium
Small World 5 Medium
Smash Up 4 Medium
Space Base 5 Medium
Space Base: Command Station 7 Medium
Star Wars: The Clone Wars 5 Medium
Suburbia 4 Medium
Succulent 4 Medium
Takenoko 4 Medium
Tapestry 5 Medium
Targi 2 Medium
Terror Below 5 Medium
That Time You Killed Me 2 Medium
The Big Book of Madness 5 Medium
The Captain Is Dead 7 Medium
The Castles of Burgundy 4 Medium
The Castles of Tuscany 4 Medium
The Hunger 6 Medium
The Isle of Cats 5 Medium
The Quacks of Quedlinburg 4 Medium
The Quest for El Dorado 4 Medium
The Settlers of Catan 4 Medium
The Taverns of Tiefenthal 4 Medium
Three Sisters 4 Medium
Ticket to Ride 5 Medium
Tiny Towns 6 Medium
Unmatched: Cobble & Fog 4 Medium
Verdant 5 Medium
Whirling Witchcraft 5 Medium
Whistle Stop 5 Medium
Wingspan 5 Medium
World's Fair 1893 4 Medium
Yamatai 4 Medium


Board Game Players Weight
Aeon's End4Heavy
Arcadia Quest4Heavy
Ark Nova4Heavy
Blood Rage4Heavy
Dinosaur Island4Heavy
Elder Sign8Heavy
Great Western Trail4Heavy
Imperial Settlers4Heavy
Mind MGMT: The Psychic Espionage Game5Heavy
Power Grid6Heavy
Roll for the Galaxy5Heavy
Spirit Island4Heavy
Terraforming Mars5Heavy
The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire5Heavy
Viticulture Essential Edition6Heavy
Zombicide: Black Plague6Heavy


Raffle Information

Arlington GameFest 2023 attendees are eligible for one (1) entry into our prize raffle, in which we'll be giving away board games throughout the day. Visit the GameFest Info Table (Main Lobby) to enter. Winners will be drawn and announced in the Open Play Area (Auditorium) at 12:30 pm, 2:30 pm, and 4:00 pm.

Winners of the 12:30 pm and 2:30 pm raffles must claim their prizes before the 4:00 pm drawing. Any unclaimed prizes will be forfeited and added back to the prize pool for the final 4:00 pm raffle. The names of the 12:30 pm and 2:30 pm raffle winners will be at the Check-in/Check-out table (Auditorium).

Special thanks to our contributors:

Cards Against Humanity  Daily Magic Games
Dominic Crapuchettes Elizabeth Hargrave
Elli Amir Eric Slauson

Friends of the

Arlington Public Library

Looney Labs
Stonemaier Games Tory Brown

Raffle Schedule & Prizes

Raffle 1: 12:30pm  
Get the MacGuffin                                 
Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition, Kerflip and uKloo                                  
Merchants of the Araby
Star Trek: Chrono-Trek


Raffle 2: 2:30 p.m.  
Dice Kingdoms of Valeria and a playmat for Worldbreakers: Advent of the Khanate signed by Elli Amir                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Fluxx: The Board Game
Sailing Towards Osiris
Say Anything signed by Dominic Crapuchettes

Thrones of Valeria and a playmat for Worldbreakers: Advent of the Khanate signed by Elli Amir


Raffle 3: 4:00 p.m.  
Evolution signed by Dominic Crapuchettes                                                                        
MonsDRAWsity signed by Eric Slauson
Votes for Women signed by Tory Brown
Wingspan signed by Elizabeth Hargrave